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Beautiful Love Quotes

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You make my heart skip every other beat.
You make my cheeks blush whenever you smile at me.
You make me laugh just by saying the little things.
So may say that this is just a little crush,
but in my eyes, it’s a beautiful thing.

Love is a beautiful red rose
given for no apparent reason.

When I first met you
You reached out to shake my hand
When I got to know you
You reached out to understand my mind
When I liked you, you reached out and touched my heart..
When I loved you, you reached out and touched my soul...
When I thought I had nothing
I had everything when I had you...
If we're meant to be togther
Let it be...
If fate wants us to be forever
Let's wait and see...

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Watching you walk out of my life
hasn't made me bitter or cynical about love,
but rather, it has shown me that if I wanted so badly
to be with the wrong person,
how beautiful it will be when
the right one comes along.

No matter how ugly you think you are,
that special someone that loves you
believes you are the most beautiful
and irresistable thing on earth
and nothing can ever change that.

Love is like an ocean,
beautiful and never-ending,
with hazardous undertows.

Love is when you can't sleep
because you can't stop thinking about them.
Love is when you can't talk
because you're afraid you're
going to say something stupid.
Love is when you barely move
because you're scared you will do something dumb.
Love is when you stare at the phone
for hours hoping that they'll call.
Love is when the only thing that
makes you feel better is their smile.
Love is when people can say
anything to you or about you and you just don't care.
Love is when you get online
and you sit there for hours and
wait for their annoying sound
so you can finally talk to them.
Love is when you find someone
that you can tell everything
and you're sure they won't make fun of you.
Love is when you can just wake up
and have makeup running down
your face from crying and
they'll still say you're beautiful.
Love is when they would do
anything to see you smile.
Love is when they're dying
and the last thing they want is
to hear your voice one last time.
Love is when every song reminds you of them.
Love is the scar across your chest when you lose it...

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A man's love cannot be
satisfied by beauty alone;
you're more than beautiful
and that's why I love you!

In a sense our love is like a rose
That blooms into something beautiful,
Yet unlike the rose
Our love will never die

The most beautiful view
is the one I share with you.

Do you love me because I am beautiful,
or am I beautiful because you love me?

Love is too strong
a word to say it too early,
but it has too beautiful
a meaning to say it too late.


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More Beautiful Love Quotes Page 1