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I cannot show
you I love you.
Time will show
you I love you.

All is fair in love and war.

Laugh when you can,
apologize when you should,
and let go of what you can't change.
Kiss slowly,
play hard,
forgive quickly,
take chances,
give everything
and have no regrets.
Life's too short to be anything…
but happy.

Love is never lost.
If not reciprocated,
it will flow back and soften
and purify the heart.

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Love is a great master.
It teaches us to be
what we never were.

I don’t believe in love
because I still don’t have you!

Love is the hardest habit to break,
and the most difficult to satisfy.

When you have nothing left but love,
then for the first time you
become aware that love is enough.

As we grow up, we learn that
even the one person that
wasn't supposed to
ever let you down probably will.
You will have your heart broken
probably more than once
and it's harder every time.
You'll break hearts too,
so remember how it felt
when yours was broken.
You'll fight with your best friend.
You'll blame a new love for things an old one did.
You'll cry because time is passing too fast,
and you'll eventually lose someone you love.
So take too many pictures,
laugh too much,
and love like you've never been hurt
because every sixty seconds
you spend upset is a minute
of happiness you'll never get back.

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The best things in life
can never be kept;
They must be given away.
A Smile, a Kiss, and Love

Without you, I have nothing.
But with you, I have everything.

If I could have 3 wishes,
I wouldn't wish for the stars,
the moon,
the riches and this life.
But for 25 hours a day,
8 days a week,
and 13 months a year
to spend a longer time with you.

You justify my existence ...
if i have not known you,
I wouldn't have lived,
if I die with out knowing you,
I wouldn't die coz I didn't live at all

It is a curious thought,
but it is only when you see people
looking ridiculous that you realize
just how much you love them.

You can fall in love in an instant.
It's letting go that takes time.


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