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Cute Boyfriend Quotes

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My boyfriend used to ask his mother,
'How can I find the right woman for me?'
and she would answer,
Don't worry about finding the right woman
- concentrate on becoming the right man.

The best boyfriend
you'll have isn't the best looking,
the funniest, or the richest.
It's the one that makes you feel gorgeous,
hilarious, and like a million dollars.
He makes sure you know he loves you.

Don't hate me because
I'm beautiful,
hate me because
your boyfriend thinks I am.

Why is it that every time I'm with you
Makes me believe in magic?

The best thing about me is you.

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I think there's something
incredibly sexy about a woman
wearing her boyfriend's
T-shirt and underwear.

I know quickly whether
a guy is boyfriend material.
If I can have a good time
doing absolutely nothing with him,
then that's boyfriend material for me.
Like if we're able to have fun at a gas station.
I've had some really good times at gas stations.

This pretty young blonde girl
was screaming at her boyfriend
because he text-messaged her
that they were going away for the weekend
- and he had just told her
he couldn't see her that weekend.
He had text messaged
the wrong girlfriend!

LOVE Heavenly Father full of grace,
Bless my boyfriend's beautiful face,
Bless his hair that grows so straight,
And keep him away from the girls I hate!

He's the kind of guy
who makes you love your name
just because he says it.

If I am pressed to say
why I loved him,
I feel it can only be
explained by replying:
"Because it was he;
because it was me."

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What counts in making a happy relationship
is not so much how compatible you are,
but how you deal with incompatibility.

A man is never
completely alone in this world.
At the worst,
he has the company of a boy,
a youth, and by and by
a grown man
- the one he used to be.

Boys make good pets!

The shortest word
I know is "I".
The sweetest word
I know is "LOVE".
And the person
I never forget is "YOU".

When you love someone,
all your saved-up wishes start coming out.

Boyfriend can make you weak
but boy friends can make you strong


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