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Breaking Up Quotes

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Yes I love him.
I love him more
than anything else in this world
and there is nothing
that I would like better
than to hold on to him forever.
But I know it's not for the best.
So no matter how much
my heart is going to break,
I've got to let him go
so he can know
just how much I love him.
Maybe if I'm lucky,
he'll come back,
but if not,
I can make it through this.

Everyone comes into
your life for a reason;
some good, some bad.
They shape, form, and break us.
But in the end, they make us who we are.

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My mind tells me to give up,
but my heart wont let me

I miss your laugh how did it break,
and when did your eyes
begin to look fake?

They say that time heals all wounds.
In some cases,
the more time passes,
the more it hurts.

I thought I loved him,
but he had to break my heart for me
to know what true love really is.

And remember this...
never say i love you,
if you don't really care...
never talk about feelings,
if they aren't really there...
never touch a life,
if you mean to break a heart...
never say you're going to,
if you don't plan to start...
never look me in they eye,
when all you do is lie...
never say hello,
if you really mean good-bye.

Grudges are a waste
of perfect happiness.
Laugh when you can,
apologize when you should,
and let go of what you can't change.

You never leave someone behind,
you take a part of them with you
and leave a part of yourself behind.

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For some reason,
I just can't figure out
which one I'm in love with...
you or the memories...

What hurts more than losing you
is knowing your not fighting to keep me.

You loved me,
I left you,
I'm crying,
Cause I need you

Even If I already knew you
Were gonna break my heart,
I still wouldn't change the fact
That I fell In love with you.

Breaking up is just like
having the worst nightmare
after having the best dream.

Breaking up is not a stupid thing;
instead it makes you a better person
and realize your mistakes.


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