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Break Up Lines

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I keep telling myself
lifes to short to cry over you.
that lifes too short to hold on to you.
but life is too long to be without you.

Love can touch your heart and soul,
but when that love is gone your heart breaks
and your soul dies

We've both grown up and changed,
I love you, but that kind of love has changed,
and it's not the kind you want from me.
I want us to be closest friends instead.

When breaking up with my boyfriend,
He told me
"You'll never find anyone like me ever!"
I thought to myself "
I should hope not.
You're the kind i want to get rid of."

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Sorry, You're not the one.

I really like you,
you're a lovely person
and we have great fun
- you're just not a long-term prospect.

I'll treasure all the things
that happened between us,
and I must say it was beautiful,
but it was just a fairy tale.

Love is ironic.
Only when you hurt someone they realise
they truly love you.
We shall always fall in love with the people
who break our hearts.
Love gushes out of the
ruptures of a broken heart
and then sends shivers
to the whole of our existence.
Love has to come out somehow and
that is usually through pain and hurting.
A heart which is unwilling to be broken,
is unable to love.
Similarly, if you cannot break someone's heart,
it is a sign that they shall never truly love you.

Maybe we have too much in common.
We are too much alike.

Spiteful words can
hurt your feelings
but silence breaks your heart.

Really, it's not you,
I'm just going through a selfish phase...

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I feel like I'm changing,
and though I do love you
and I really like spending time with you,
I'm not as 'in love' with you anymore..

I think you love me more than I love you.

The pain you have caused
will never go away ...
it has dug a hole
in my heart.
And my heart will
never be the same.

I still care about you,
but I just don't find my heart
jumping out of my chest
when I see you anymore.

One light,
one mind
Flashing in the dark
Blinded by the silence
Of a thousand broken hearts

I don't want you to feel like
I'm breaking up with you.
I just can't be in
a relationship with you anymore.


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