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Broken Heart Quotes For Girls

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Promises and hearts....
two things that are easily broken.

You don't die
of a broken heart,
you only wish you did.

A broken heart is a heart that has felt love.

The first time my heart was broken
I thought I was through;
I swore I'd never love again
and believe me this was true,
but when you walked into my life
the second your eyes met mine,
I knew you were worth loving,
just like before, just like the first time.

There should be a relationship
status on Facebook called,
"I don't know what the hell is going on."

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The worst feeling in the world
is giving all the love you have
and knowing it will never be returned.

Losing you is like losing my heart.

It's weird...
you know the end
of something great is coming,
but you want to hold on,
just for one more second...
just so it can hurt a little more.

A break up is like a broken mirror.
It is better to leave it broken
than hurt yourself trying to fix it.

My heart was taken by you,
Broken by you and now
Is in pieces because of you

No smile is more beautiful
than the one that struggles through tears

You'll never understand why I hurt so much
because you're not the one who is crying,
you're not the one who is left behind,
you're not the one who loved too much,
and you're not the one
who is holding on to someone who is gone...

Look behind the mascara
and the shiny lipstick
look a little deeper
and maybe you will see
that this girl you are looking
at really isn't me

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No matter how much it'll hurt me to see you,
my most loved lost one,
all that I wish is look into your eyes once again.

It's funny how the guy
who you would take a bullet for
is generally the one behind the trigger.

The bright light beams
from her eyes.
From broken glass
Or a broken heart.

Technically i'm single
emotionally I'm completely taken
cause in my mind i'll always be his girl
even if he doesnt want me anymore

The heart is the only
broken instrument that works.

Laugh and the
world laughs with you.
Cry and you
cry with your girlfriends.

Girls will never know what they want
and boys will never know what they have.


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