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In French
Il faut que je la voie et lui
tend a mon coeur.
Je l'aime au point
de foudre et je ne peut pas
continuer a être séparé d'elle.
Si elle me n'aimerait plus.
Je n'aurais plus rien á faire sur terre.
In English
I must see her and
press her to my heart.
I love her to the point of madness,
and I cannot continue
to be separated from her.
If she no longer loved me,
I would have nothing left to do on earth.

In French
C'est à partir de toi
que j'ai dit oui au monde.
In English
It was beginning with you
that I said yes to the world.

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In French
Aimer et être aimé sera la
grande affaire de toute notre vie.
In English
To love and be loved will be
the greatest event in our lives.

In French
C'est cela l'amour, tout donner,
tout sacrifier sans espoir de retour.
In English
That's love: giving everything,
sacrificing all without hope of returns.

In French
Et vivre sans aimer
n'est pas proprement vivre.
In English
To live without love
is not to properly live.

In French
Quand il me prend dans les bras
Il me parle tout bas
Je vois la vie en rose
In English
When he takes me in his arms
and speaks to me softly
I see the world through rose-colored glasses

In French
L'amour fait les plus grandes
douceurs et les plus sensibles
infortunes de la vie
In English
Love makes life's sweetest pleasures
and worst misfortunes

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In French
La cœur a ses raisons
que la raison ne connaît point.
In English
The heart has its reasons
that reason ignores completely.

In French
L'amour est la seule passion
qui ne souffre ni passé ni avenir.
In English
Love is the only passion that
cares not about the past or the future.

In French
L'amour est une mer
dont la femme est la rive.
In English
Love is an ocean and
a woman is the shore.

In French
Si tu m'aimais, et si je t'aimais,
comme je t'aimerais!
In English
If you loved me, and if I loved you,
how I would love you!

In French
L'on est bien faible quand on est amoureux
In English
One is very weak when one is in love


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More French Love Quotes Page 1 | 2