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True Friendship Quotes

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Closeness isn't always
measured in distance;
friends can live many miles away,
but the bond of love formed long ago
always keeps them close at heart.

When the world gets dark,
friends are the batteries in your flashlight.

There may be somebody who is thinking
about you RIGHT NOW
and wishing that you were around.
That's the wonderful thing about friendship
- you always feel loved and cared about.

Stars are like friends;
there's always some around,
you just need to find your favorite one.

A boyfriend stabs you in the heart,
a stranger stabs you in the front,
a friend stabs you in the back,
but best friends don't carry knives.

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Love is a friendship
set to music.

Friends are like fat thighs ...
they always keep in touch.

Friendship is the bond
when the ties between two
cannot be worn,
where selfishness is out of question,
and emotion is an art of devotion

There are no such things as strangers,
only friends we haven't met yet.

All love that has not friendship for its base,
is like a mansion built upon the sand.

Boyfriend can make you weak
but boy friends can make you strong

A friend is someone
who will always be there
when everyone else fails

A false friend sends
the pain into your heart
and leaves it there forever,
but a best friend will
send the pain below
and kick it out… forever

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A friend is someone
who reaches for your hand
and touches your heart

Friends are like diamonds;
they are rare and very precious.
Treat them carefully and lovingly
and keep them safe in your heart
so you'll never lose them

My best friend is the one
who brings out the best in me

The difference between
friendship and love
is how much you can
hurt each other

Our Friendship:
A two way road to a perfect love.

Friendship cannot be
seen or even be touched,
it must be felt within the heart

The best friends in life
may not always there
when you want them
but are always there
when you need them

True friends are the siblings
God forgot to give us.


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More Friendship Love Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3