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Love Quotes For Your Girlfriend

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I always say now that I'm in my blonde years.
Because since the end of my marriage,
all of my girlfriends have been blonde.

If a girl looks swell
when she meets you,
who gives a damn
if she's late?

Well, a girlfriend once
told me never to fight
with anybody you don't love.

I’m sorry but
I’m not thinking about you
anymore because
I’m busy thinking about us

It's the good girls
who keep diaries;
the bad girls
never have the time.

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It's sweet when someone
knows every single detail about you.
Not because you constantly remind them,
but because they pay attention.

Girlfriend is the
most significant person
in a man's life.
So treasure all the sorrows
and treasure all the happiness also.
But above everything,
it's important that
a man treasures all memories
in his heart for ever.

My Roman girlfriend
translates bits from
Italian into English.
It is sublime.

Knowing you will be with me
in all my tomorrows,
makes my today so wonderful.

I used to try to
draw my girlfriends.
I think one of the
most romantic things
that anybody can do
is draw a portrait
of the person you love.

If my eyes can't see you,
my heart sees you, my love.

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I never knew what love was all about
until I started looking at you;
no one ever tried to tell or show me,
so I finally figured it out for myself.
What you need is someone
who without you can't breathe

I wanna be remembered
as the girl who always smiled.
the one who could always brighten your day.
even if she couldnt brighten her own

Laugh and the
world laughs with you.
Cry and you
cry with your girlfriends.

If it is meant to be,
our hearts will find
each other when we meet.
And if our hearts melt together
so will our bodies and souls.
Then every word and every touch
will fuel our passion flame.
I will be yours, you will be mine,
and we will be one.

My love for you is like time,
if you give it just one moment,
it will last forever.

A girl should be two things:
classy and fabulous.


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More Girlfriend Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3