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Goodbye Sayings

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A man never knows how to say goodbye;
a woman never knows when to say it.

Why does tonight have to end?
Why don't we hit restart,
and pause it at our favorite parts.
We'll skip the goodbyes.

Could we see when and where
we are to meet again,
we would be more tender when
we bid our friends goodbye.

What is this feeling?
It just seems like everything
is getting smaller and smaller.
It's all still there,
but I can't touch it.
I think it's called goodbye.

I hate the part of the show where
we have to say goodbye to someone.

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Sometimes there are things
in our life that aren't meant to stay.
Sometimes change may
not be what we want.
Sometimes change is
what we really need.
And sometimes saying goodbye
is the hardest thing
you think you'll ever have to do,
but sometimes it's saying 'hello again'
that breaks you down
and makes you the
most vulnerable person you'll ever know.
Sometimes change is too much to bear,
but most of the time change
is the only thing saving your life.

A memory lasts forever
never does it die.
True friends stay together and
never say goodbye

True friends don't say good-bye,
they just take extended leaves
of absences from each other.

There are no good-byes,
where ever we are,
you’ll always be in my heart.

Every parting is a form of death,
as every reunion is a type of heaven.

we won't say goodbye,
cause true love never dies.
You'll always be beautiful in my eyes.

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Never say goodbye cause you will never know
when your going to lose them..

Often times we say goodbye
to the person we love without wanting to.
Though that doesn’t mean
that we've stopped loving them
or we've stopped to care.
Sometimes goodbye is
a painful way to say I love you.

Goodbyes hurt the most
when people leave without saying them

As I stared into your eyes,
you asked me why I was about to cry,
it's because I know you were going to say good-bye.

There is no material that is
harder than saying goodbye.

I knew that this moment would come in time.
That I'd have to let go and watch you fly.
I know you're coming back
so why am I dying inside?
Are you searching for words that you can't find?
Trying to hide your emotions but eyes don't lie.
Guess there's no easy way to say goodbye.

Let's say goodbye, the hundreth time,
and then tomorrow we'll do it again


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More Goodbye Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4