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Good Love Quotes

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It's like a love affair,
and like all good love affairs,
this one continues to grow.
I even have the approval of my wife!

Love that we cannot have
is the one that lasts the longest,
hurts the deepest and feels the strongest.

Money is good, love is wealth.

I don't need anyone to take advantage
of my weaknesses or my strengths,
I need someone who will appreciate
me for everything that I am.

Love is giving someone the ability to destroy you,
but trusting them not to

Scientifically speaking,
To grow a bigger and stronger muscle,
you must first work it out.
Then the muscle tears,
and in place of it grows a new muscle
that is bigger and stronger.
Technically speaking,
the heart is a muscle.

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There is no feeling more comforting
and consoling than knowing you are
right next to the one you love.

Loves a goes both ways;
it has to be given to be received.

Everyone admits that love
is wonderful and necessary,
yet no one agrees on just what it is.

Love is 3/4 dream and 1/4 reality.
Problems usually arise when you fall in love
with the dream and not the reality.
But, yet you find true love
when you fall in love with both.

It's love when all you want
is that person to be happy,
doesn't matter if
you're not part of that hapiness.

Without you, I have nothing.
But with you, I have everything.

There is seemingly so little love shared in this world,
it is not surprising that we ask,
"Where have all the lovers gone?"
Since love is the most vital energy
for good that is within our power to utilize,
it is puzzling why we so seldom do so.
Love is just a useless, abstract idea
until we put it into action...
unless we are always actively
living in love, we are not utilizing the greatest gift we have
been given and which we, in turn, have to offer...

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It is love, not reason,
that is stronger than death.

Its not gonna be easy.
Its not gonna be hard.
And were going to have
to work at this everyday.
But i want to do that
because i want you.
I want all of you,
forever, everyday.

To fear love is
to fear life

What do women want?
To be treated like a queen;
but by a king.... not a pawn.

Relationships are like snapshots;
some you remember and some you forget,
but some you never develop
and you never get to see
how they would have turned out.

Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others,
and the delight in the recognition.


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More Good Love Quotes Page 1 | 2