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Happy Love Quotes

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Laugh when you can,
apologize when you should,
and let go of what you can't change.
Kiss slowly,
play hard,
forgive quickly,
take chances,
give everything
and have no regrets.
Life's too short to be anything…
but happy.

As for me, to love you alone,
to make you happy,
to do nothing which
would contradict your wishes,
this is my destiny
and the meaning of my life

Happiness is not found
at the end of the road,
it is experienced along the way.
So take not for granted
each moment of your life
and you will find a reason
to be happy each day.

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People happy in love
have an air of intensity

I know that I can
give love for a minute,
for half an hour;
for a day, for a month,
but I can give and
I'm very happy to do that
and I want to do that.

You will know that
you love someone
when you want him/her to be happy.
Even if that means
you're not a part of their happiness.

You must love yourself
before you love another.
By accepting yourself
and fully being what you are,
your simple presence
can make others happy.

Love means making the other happy,
even from a distance.

If today, a smile should appear on your face,
it's because at this very minute,
I am thinking of you and I am smiling too.

All you may need
to be happy is love,
but to survive you need money!

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The one who makes me the happiest,
is always the one who is already taken.

Women are happier in the love
they inspire than in that which they feel;
men are just the contrary

What nonsense people
talk about happy marriages!
A man can be happy with any woman
so long as he doesn't love her

Everyone wants happiness,
no one wants pain,
but you can't make a rainbow without a little rain.

Happiness is falling asleep
next to you and waking up
thinking I'm still in my dreams.

Just when I thought that love
could never be a part of me,
that's when you came along
and showed me happiness!

When you are in love nothing matters
except that the other person is happy.


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More Happy Love Quotes Page 1