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You may not have heard me
speak to you that I love you,
but the way that I look into your eyes,
the way I smile when you pass by,
and the way that my heart
feels when you are near...
all speaks of what
best describes the love that I feel.

Gotta let you know that I love you,
gotta let you know that I care,
gotta let you know that for you,
I'll always be there.

Everytime I say I love you...
I'm really trying to say so much more
than those three little words.
I'm trying to say you mean more to me
than anyone else in the world.
I'm trying to let you know that
I adore you and that
I cherish the time we spend together.
I'm trying to explain that
I want you and that
I need you and that
I get lost in wonderful thoughts
every time I think about you.
And each time I whisper "I love you",
I'm trying to remind you that
you're the best thing that
has ever happened to me.

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Some people never say
the words 'I love you'.
It's not their style
to be so bold.
Some people never say
those words:
'I love you'
But, like a child,
they're longing to be told.

You hurt me more than I deserve,
how can you be so cruel?
I love you more than you deserve,
why am I such a fool?

I love my name
- just because of how you say it.
I love the way you stare at me
when you think I'm not looking.
I love the way you lean in close
whenever I tell you something,
even though we both know you heard me.
I love the sweet things you say to me,
even when I'm screaming at you.
I love how you love me
- and aren't afraid to show it.
I love how you make me
want to be a better person than
I ever thought I could be.
But mostly, I love you.
All the good things, all the bad,
all the mistakes, all the surprises,
all the imperfections, all of it...
just because they're yours.

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Should I hate you
because you hurt me?
Or should I love you
because you made me feel special?

I love you,
and because I love you,
I would sooner have
you hate me
for telling you the truth
than adore me
for telling you lies.

It's every girls dream to have
a guy call her at 3 a.m. just to
say "hey baby... just wanted;
to tell you ... I love you"


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