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If I could give you the stars
I'd gather them inside my heart
I'd wrap them in love
And brighten your day...
with starlight

There is seemingly
so little love shared in this world,
it is not surprising that we ask,
"Where have all the lovers gone?"
Since love is the most vital energy
for good that is within our power to utilize,
it is puzzling why we so seldom do so.
Love is just a useless, abstract idea
until we put it into action...
unless we are always actively living in love,
we are not utilizing the greatest gift we have
been given and which we,
in turn, have to offer...

Women fall in love by what they hear.
Men fall in love by what they see.
That's why most of
the women put make up
and most men lie.

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You can fall in love in an instance,
Its letting go that takes time

The difference between
"like" "love" and "in love"
is the same as the difference between
"for now" "for a while" and "forever."

When a man is in love or in debt,
someone else has the advantage.

For some reason,
I just can't figure out
which one I'm in love with...
you or the memories...

Smile. Its the first thing people
notice and fall in love with.

I want someone to fall in love with
my smile and the way I laugh.
I want someone to listen
to the ramblings of my inner child.
Someone who touches my face and
brushes the hair from my eyes.
I want someone who loves me or
at least holds me like they do.
But I only want that if its you.

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"I never thought that
my LIFE might be EASIER
if I weren't IN LOVE with YOU...
It's never been this colorful and bright
without YOU by my side"

Theres NO past tense In Love,
You either DO or you NEVER did

To fall in love is easy,
even to remain in it is not difficult;
our human loneliness is cause enough.
But it is a hard quest
worth making to find a comrade
through whose steady presence
one becomes steadily
the person one desires to be.

Friendship often ends in love;
but love in friendship, never.

You know that you are in love
when the hardest thing to do is say good-bye!!


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More In Love Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5