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Oh, innocent victims of Cupid,
Remember this terse little verse,
To let a fool kiss you is stupid,
To let a kiss fool is worse.

Statement of Love: The Kiss
1. Kiss on the hand....
I adore you
2. Kiss on the cheek...
I just want to be friends
3. Kiss on the neck...
I want you
4. Kiss on the lips...
I love you
5. Kiss on the ears...
I am just playing
6. Kiss anywhere else...
lets not get carried away
7. Look in your eyes...
kiss me
8. Playing with your hair...
I can't live without you
9. Hand on your waist...
I love you to much to let you GO

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See there's this place in me
where your fingerprints still rest,
your kisses still linger,
and your whispers softly echo.
It's the place where a part of you
will forever be a part of me.

Love is a complex thing.
You know you love someone
when you cant go a day
without thinking about them,
when you see them you want to kiss them.
Loving someone is seeing your future
in their eyes and wondering how you
coped before you met them.

Kiss me,
and you may see stars.
Love me,
and I will give them to you.

I can't wait to be with you,
see your smile,
look in your eyes,
feel your sweet touch,
hear your perfect words,
and kiss your perfect lips.

Ancient lovers believed
a kiss would literally
unite their souls,
because the spirit was
said to be carried
in one's breath.

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A kiss is just a kiss
until you find the one you love.
A hug is just a hug
until its the one your thinking of.
A dream is just a dream
until you make it come true.
Love is just a work
until its proven to you.

Hold me like i am the last person
you want in your arms.
kiss me like it is gonna be the
last kiss your ever going to taste.
Hug me Like you want me forever.
But most of all....
Love me like i am the one
you always dreamed of.

Letters are like kisses
when you are not here!

A kiss is a lovely trick
designed by nature
to stop speech when
words become superfluous.

Hug me when I'm there,
miss me when I'm not,
kiss me every day,
and love me for all eternity.


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More Kiss Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3