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If you ask me about the love,
I can't answer you.
But if you ask me who I love,
the answer is you.

When traveling the path of life,
and finding love along the way,
everything looks new and different.
Little do you know it is the same
old landscape you
used to see all of the time;
love has just given you new eyes.

Love can touch just one time,
but it can last for a life time.

If in this lifetime,
I wont get to have you,
I'll make sure that
if I meet you in my next life
I wont have to think twice on
saying that "I waited a lifetime to say I love you...

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Sometimes I wonder if life is really worth it,
then I look at your smile and I know it is.

Life's a prison when
you're in love alone."

To love is to risk
not being loved in return.
To hope is to risk pain.
To try is to risk failure,
but risk must be taken,
because the greatest hazard in life

is to risk nothing.

When I look at you my heart skips
A beat but later that beat could mean
A lifetime of tears wasted
On something I knew I could never have

I would give up everything
for one moment with you;
for one moment is better
than a lifetime of not knowing you

Love is only love when
you have someone to share it with,
otherwise it's a feeling that
can haunt you the rest of your life
until you find the right person
to give your love to!

There is nothing sadder
in this life than to watch
someone you love walk away
after they have left you.
To watch the distance
between your two bodies expand
until there is nothing left
but empty space... and silence.

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Life is a song - sing it.
Life is a game - play it.
Life is a challenge - meet it.
Life is a dream - realize it.
Life is a sacrifice - offer it.
Life is love - enjoy it.

Happiness is not found
at the end of the road,
it is experienced along the way.
So take not for granted
each moment of your life
and you will find a reason to be happy each day.

There will be many people who will
walk in and out of your life but
only true friends will leave footprints behind.

There are some things in life
that can be said using words,
but the true explanations of feelings
come from the heart.


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