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Lonely Quotes

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Somewhere there's someone
who dreams of your amile,
And finds in your presence that life is worthwhile,
So when you are lonely remember it's true;
Somebody somewhere Is thinking of you

Lonely is a man without love.

In cities no one is quiet
but many are lonely;
in the country,
people are quiet but few are lonely

We're all lonely for something
we don't know we're lonely for

My heart is a lonely hunter
that hunts on a lonely hill

I would say that only the lonely
understands another lonely person's suffering,
but I'd have to add the one that knew joy
and the space he lived his life
in next to and through others

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What a lovely surprise to discover
how un-lonely being alone can be

If I am a legend,
then why am I so lonely?

“Be good and you will be lonely

There is none more lonely
than the man who loves only himself.

Being the boss anywhere is lonely.
Being a female boss in a
world of mostly men is especially so.

Sometimes in love you must accept
the fact that what makes the person
you cared about happy might
on the other hand leave you so lonely

The lonely one offers his hand
too quickly to whomever he encounters

I'm afraid sometimes
you'll play lonely games too,
games you can't win
because you'll play against you

When so many are lonely
as seem to be lonely,
it would be inexcusably selfish
to be lonely alone.

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The worst loneliness
is not to be comfortable with yourself.

Christmas is a holiday
that persecutes the lonely,
the frayed, and the rejected

If you're lonely while you're alone,
you're in bad company.

The wind blows out of the gates of the day,
The wind blows over the lonely of heart,
And the lonely of heart is withered away

Friends will keep you sane,
Love could fill your heart,
A lover can warm your bed,
But lonely is the soul without a mate.

It is better to be hated
for what you are than
to be loved for what you are not.

We're born alone,
we live alone,
we die alone.
Only through our love and friendship
can we create the illusion
for the moment that we're not alone.

The loneliest woman in the world
is the woman without a close woman friend


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More Lonely Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3