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Loneliness Quotes

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The thing that makes you exceptional,
if you are at all, is inevitably
that which must also make you lonely.

I think God leaves me alone
to let me find my own strength
because no one else
can give it to me.
Sometimes it is very lonely.
But I know the lonely times
teach me the most.
I must let go in order
to let anything in.
No one can love me, for me.
Take a big walk
protected in the trees.
I miss the time before today.

The most terrible poverty is loneliness,
and the feeling of being unloved.

Pray that your loneliness
may spur you into
finding something to live for,
great enough to die for.

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You have it easily in your power
to increase the sum total
of this world's happiness now.
How? By giving a few words
of sincere appreciation to someone
who is lonely or discouraged.
Perhaps you will forget tomorrow
the kind words you say today,
but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime.

When people are lonely
they stoop to any companionship.

When so many are lonely
as seem to be lonely,
it would be inexcusably selfish
to be lonely alone.

I would rather be a ghost,
drifting by your side,
as a condemned soul,
than enter heaven without you.
Because of your love,
I will never be a lonely spirit.

When we truly realize
that we are all alone
is when we need others the most

One may have a blazing hearth in one's soul,
yet no one ever comes to sit by it.

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People are lonely because
they build walls instead of bridges.

Life is like a glass of Ice tea,
everything melts away

Memories are the treasures
that we keep locked deep
within the storehouse of our souls,
to keep our hearts warm
when we are lonely.

In the lonely light of morning,
in a world that would not heal,
it's the bitter taste
of losing everything
that I've held so dear.

Sometimes I get lonely,
but it's nice to be alone.

What loneliness
is more lonely than distrust?

Loneliness is about
the scariest thing there is.


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More Lonely Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3