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Love all, trust a few,
do wrong to none;
be able for thine enemy
rather in power than use;
and keep thy friend
under thine own life's key;
be checked for silence,
but never taxed for speech

Man strives for glory, honor, fame,
so that all the world may know his name.
Amasses wealth by brain and hand.
Becomes a power in the land.
But when he nears the end of life
and looks back over the years of strife.
He finds that happiness depends
on none of these but love of friends.

Where happiness and happily ever-after
doesn't begin at size 0 and end at size 6
and where there are possibilities for
love and happiness
and professional success
and great friends and a wonderful life
even if you don't look like
one of those girls in the magazines.

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A friend is someone
who knows the song inside you heart
and can sing it back to you
when you've forgotten the words.

Life ends
when you stop dreaming,
hope ends
when you stop believing,
love ends
when you stop caring,
friendship ends
when you stop sharing...
so share this with
whom ever you consider a friend.

Friends are an integral part of your life,
but every friend you have
must live life at their own pace.
When the time comes & they must leave you,
there is no need to grieve over their parting from your life.
It is the very essence of life that it should be so.
But it hurts nonetheless
and we grieve nonetheless,
but we hold them in our hearts forever.
Always cherish the joy, laughter, memories
and love that they have brought into your lives.
Always remember them with a warm smile
for what they have given you.

Friendship is a pilgrimage of love
from one heart to another

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I'll stay with you forever
no matter how bad things can get
I 'll always remember the stuff we do,
even if you forget it i'll be by your side,
when everyone walks out
because all of those things
is what friendship is all about.

Love one person,
take care of them until you die.
You know, raise kids.
Have a good life.
Be a good friend.
And try to be completely who you are.
And figure out what you personally love.
And like go after it with everything
you've got no matter how much it takes.

May your life be like
arithmetic-joys added,
sorrow subtracted,
friends multiplied,
love undivided

Love is a moment,
but friends are forever

Not only are you my best friend,
you are my life,
my thoughts
and my dreams


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More Love And Friendship Quotes Page 1 | 2