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Love Life Quotes

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I see when men love women
they give but a little of their lives,
but women, when they love, give everything.

The life and love
we create is the
life and love we live.

Love shortens time,
changes the hours.
Love is invincible.
Many waters cannot quench it
nor the floods drown.
The supreme happiness of life
is the conviction that we are loved.

Three passions,
simple but overwhelmingly strong,
have governed my life:
the longing for love,
the search for knowledge,
and unbearable pity
for the suffering of mankind.

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Life is a mystery to be lived,
not a problem to be solved.

Dream what you want to dream;
go where you want to go;
be what you want to be,
because you only have
one life to live and one chance
to do all the things you want to do.

The best things in life are never rationed.
Friendship, loyalty, love,
do not require coupons.

We love life, not because
we are used to living but
because we are used to loving.

If we have freedom, we have life.
Therefore to live,
we must love our fellow man,
or all will live with the chains of strife.

Kiss slowly, love deeply, forgive quickly.
Life is too short for you
to be dissappointed any longer.

To love is not a part of things
or a part of life.
To love is the whole of things
and the whole of life.
In my heart is my love for you
and in my love for you, life is whole.

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As for me, to love you alone,
to make you happy,
to do nothing which
would contradict your wishes,
this is my destiny
and the meaning of my life

Some say love is life,
but love without hope and faith
is an agonizing death.

Life is like a lollipop,
you can only get licked so many times
till you're gone, so enjoy every lick

To live life to its fullest
is to know how to
really love someone
even if it means having
a heart broken or an unsuccessful love.

If you enjoy your life to its fullest,
love will come and keep you company.

A life without love in it is like
a heap of ashes upon a deserted hearth
- with the fire dead, the laughter stilled,
and the light extinguished.

Life is not measured
by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away.


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More Love Life Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3