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Women are like apples on trees,
the best ones are
on the top of the tree.
The men don't want to
reach for the good ones
because they are afraid of falling
and don't want to get hurt.
Instead, they just get the rotten apples
from the ground
that aren't so good but easy.
So, the apples at the top
think something is wrong with them,
when in reality they are amazing.
They just have to wait
for the right man to come along,
the one who's brave enough
to climb all the way to the top
becuase they value quality.

Love is never lost.
If not reciprocated,
it will flow back and soften
and purify the heart.

The best and most beautiful things
in this world cannot be seen or even heard,
but must be felt with the heart.
- Helen Keller

Love that we cannot have
is the one that lasts the longest,
hurts the deepest and feels the strongest.

What I do you cannot do;
but what you do, I cannot do.
The needs are great,
and none of us, including me,
ever do great things.
But we can all do small things, with great love,
and together we can do something wonderful.

Looking for love in a bar
is like looking for food in the gutter.
You might find something
that resembles what you’re looking for,
but it’s probably bad for you.

Theres NO Past Tense In Love,
You Either DO Or You NEVER Did


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