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I love when my heart smiles,
but the best of all,
it smiles because of you.

Tears which last a lifetime
speak for the most cherished memories made.

Loving you means everything to me,
so whether you're miles apart from me,
I just want you to know I really love thee.

If loving you makes a slave of me,
then I'll spend my whole life in chains.

If music be the food of love, play on

To need someone more
than you want is insecurity.
To want someone more
than you need them is lust.
Love is when you need and
want someone in your life
in equal amounts.

Love is hard to find,
but once you find it you won't regret it.

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Love is the shortest distance
between hearts.

He who finds love, finds life.

Loving someone is loving that someone
despite that person's flaws and weakness.

Happiness is worthless in money,
but precious in your life.

Falling in love is not an extension
of one's limits or boundaries;
it is a partial and temporary collapse of them.

Don't find love,
let love find you.
That's why it's called falling in love,
because you don't force yourself to fall,
you just fall.

Life doesn't require that we be the best,
only that we try our best.

It's not the presence of someone
that gives life a beautiful meaning,
it's the way that someone
touches your heart that
gives life a beautiful meaning.

Love is a grape on the vine of life.

Wherever you go,
there you are and
where you are my heart shall be

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Love knows not distance;
it hath no continent;
its eyes are for the stars.

Life lived with love is a life well lived.

There are 3 great things in this world.
The first thing is
for you to love someone.
The second thing is
for someone to love you back
and the third greatest thing is
for the first and second thing
to happen at the same time ...

I've never felt I've done
anything right in my whole life,
until I fell in love, with you.

I would rather have three minutes of wonderful
than a lifetime of nothing special.

Sometimes it's hard to love someone
because you're so afraid of losing them


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More Love Quotes And Sayings Page 1 | 2