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Falling In Love, First Love, In Love, I Love You, I Miss You, Lovers, Missing You, Relationship, Romance, Romantic, Sweet, Thinking Of You, Touching, True Love


Love is an emotion or a unique feeling
that cannot be defined in words.
It makes everyone move forward in life,
how much difficult the path may be.
Love-sayings truly fills our heart
and is our best choice to please our beloved
whatever the occasion may be,
be it Valentine’s day,
a day-out with your beloved,
a simple marriage proposal
or a special day to bring a smile
on your beloved’s pretty face.

In his younger days
a man dreams of
possessing the heart
of the woman whom he loves;
later, the feeling that
he possesses
the heart of a woman
may be enough to make him
fall in love with her.

First romance, first love,
is something so special to all of us,
both emotionally and physically,
that it touches our lives
and enriches them forever.

It's every girls dream to have
a guy call her at 3 a.m. just to
say "hey baby... just wanted;
to tell you ... I love you

There are times when I cant decide
whether to see you or not,
I want to see you because I miss you
but there are times when
I dont want to see you because everytime I do,
the fact that you dont see me the way
that I see you hurts me even more ...

Relationships are like snapshots;
some you remember and some you forget,
but some you never develop
and you never get to see how
they would have turned out.


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