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Love Verses

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Believe in your heart that something wonderful
is about to happen. Love your life.
Believe in your own powers, and your own potential,
and in your own innate goodness.
Wake every morning with the awe of just being alive.
Discover each day the magnificent,
awesome beauty in the world.
Explore and embrace life in yourself and
in everyone you see each day.
Reach within to find your own specialness.
Amaze yourself and rouse those around you
to the potential of each new day.
Don't be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect;
this is the essence of your humanity.
Let those who love you help you.
Trust enough to be able to take.
Look with hope to the horizon of today,
for today is all we truly have. Live this day well.
Let a little sun out as well as in.
Create your own rainbows.
Be open to all your possibilities;
all possibilities and Miracles.
Always believe in Miracles.

Who could have guessed
When you began married life
How entwined you'd become
As husband and wife.
After 50 years
You still say "I Love You"
in many different ways.
May Gold remind you,
You share a special happiness
Life gives to very few

We take a risk
when we open our hearts
because the truth is,
if we open our hearts,
we will get hurt.
You can’t open your heart
and not have some hurt
because you’re in a
human experience.
Even if it’s the love of your life
and you have many wonderful,
deepening, growing,
powerful years together,
it’s a human experience
and that person will pass over.
Love takes courage.
Be courageous.

You're the reason I believe in love
and you're the answer
to my prayers from up above.
All we need is just the two of us,
my dreams came true because of you
- Shania Twain "From This Moment"

Love looks not with the eyes,
but with the mind;
And therefore is winged
Cupid painted blind.
William Shakespeare


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