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Marriage Quotes

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From the moment I saw her,
I knew. I love her.
I want to marry her.

To keep your
marriage brimming,
With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you're wrong, admit it;
Whenever you're right, shut up.

I have always considered marriage
as the most interesting event of one's life,
the foundation of happiness or misery.

There's only one way
to have a happy marriage
and as soon as I learn
what it is I'll get married again.

Marriage is not a noun;
it's a verb. It isn't something you get.
It's something you do.
It's the way you love
your partner every day.

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Marriage is for woman
the commonest mode of livelihood,
and the total amount of undesired sex
endured by women is probably
greater in marriage than in prostitution.

I wouldn't change a thing
as happiness you bring.
You are my soul mate.
A marriage made by fate.

Many marriages would be better
if the husband and wife
clearly understood that
they're on the same side.

- as its veterans know well
- is the continuous process
of getting used to things
you hadn't expected.

One man's folly is another man's wife.

A great marriage is not
when the 'perfect couple' comes together.
It is when an imperfect couple
learns to enjoy their differences.

Marriage is an alliance
entered into by a man
who can't sleep
with the window shut,
and a woman
who can't sleep
with the window open.

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Love is temporary insanity
curable by marriage.

Though we marry as adults,
we don't marry adults.
We marry children
who have grown up
and still rejoice in being children,
especially if we're creative.

I am marrying her
because I love her.

One should always be in love.
That is the reason one should never marry.

You get married at twenty,
you're going to be shocked
who you're living with at thirty.

We were happily married for eight months.
Unfortunately, we were married
for four and a half years.


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More Marriage Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8