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Today you are joined in marriage,
remember to always…
Be understanding of your partner’s needs.
Hold each other in the highest regard.
Have a sense of humour
as you meet life’s challenges.
Honour one another when you are together or apart.
Respect each other’s differences.
Enjoy the good times, and endure the storms.
Make your dreams come true, together…
Most of all, love one another…

Bound by the earth and forest.
So to the water and sea.
By the air we breath and the fire within,
connected to the stones of old in perfect circle.
We two are as one.
Together forever, in love.

One look
One smile
One touch
One embrace
One kiss
One love
Two people
Two minds
Two souls
Two destinies
One road
One journey
One ending

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Ever wonder why God gives us two?
A right hand to show the left what to do.
One ear to listen and one to hear
the problems of others,
their laughter and fears.
One eye to watch and one to behold
the beautiful treasures
that life has to hold.
One foot to travel and one to stand tall.
Two feet to land on if we should fall.
One man to stand by a woman's side;
One woman to cherish being his bride.
The love between partners
comes shining through
and that is the reason
God has made two.
May God Bless You
On Your Wedding Day

Marriage is a book
of which the first chapter
is written in poetry
and the remaining chapters in prose.

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Marriage begins with a wedding,
where two people promise
“to have and to hold, to love and to cherish”
come what may...
The comfort in a marriage
comes from caring for one another,
and showing it each day…
The happiness in marriage
comes from knowing that the love you
share will grow ever stronger
as you go through life together.
The blessings of marriage are the fulfilment
of your cherished hopes
and dreams as your lives unfold,
and the realization of the meaning
of that beautiful promise
“To have and to hold…”

Some pray to marry the man they love,
my prayer will somewhat vary:
I humbly pray to Heaven above
that I love the man I marry.

Joining with you
in celebrating
another year in love.

With warmest wishes
for the best in life
as you both look forward
to a shared future
of love, friendship,
and the wonderful closeness
that is marriage.


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