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As you read a book,
it's hard to turn into another page
unless you understand the first one..
just like "LOVE"..
it's hard to go on with the new,
unless you are over with your "PAST"..

It is well to be happy and wise
and well to be honest and true;
it is well to be off with the old love,
before you are on with the new.

Just when I thought that
love could never be a part of me,
that's when you came along
and showed me happiness!

Never in a million years
did I think I'd find
someone so utterly
and completely perfect;
someone who'd make me happier than
I ever dreamed I could be;
someone that would touch my life
so profoundly and just give me
a whole new reason to breathe...
But then I found you,
and realized that everything
I anticipated you'd be,
doesn't even compare to what you are

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You have to walk carefully
in the beginning of love.
The running across fields
into your lovers arms
can only come when your sure
they won't laugh if you trip.

When a man opens the door
of his car for his wife,
you can be sure of one thing:
either the car is new or the wife is.

In my world,
I walked to a different drum.
You came along and
joined me in my journey.
I am now in harmony and
at peace in the world of love.

Wise men say,
only fools rush in.
But I can't help
falling in love with you.

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I have found new love,
like i've never known before.
I find myself waiting for you,
in desperation and in hope.
You have told me you love me,
and it's hard for me to say.
Our love is new, but i do love you.
If i fall in too deep, i'll find myself in weep.
You are my life, my soul and my passion,
every waking moment i wish you here to embrace me.
So please, if i tell you i love you,
promise me i won't get hurt.
because i love you and
i'll love you like love has never seen before.

Don't let doubts lose the magic of love,
because it's not everyday you meet someone
who has the magic to let you fall in love!

First impressions count,
but only good personality lasts.

When we started baby we were friends,
but that's not how this fairy tale is gonna end,
see I was thinking and it clicked one day,
that no one else has ever made me feel this way.

You can fall forme the sky,
you can fall from a tree,
but the best way to fall is in love with me

Every ending has a new beginning


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More New Love Quotes Page 1