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Freedom and love go together.
Love is not a reaction.
If I love you
because you love me,
that is mere trade,
a thing to be
bought in the market;
it is not love.
To love is
not to ask anything in return,
not even to feel that
you are giving something
- and it is only such love
that can know freedom.

The energy of Love
is the force that binds the world.
This is the energy we all exist on.
This energy runs through you
and you act like a filter for it.
When you experience an absence of love
or love is lacking in a situation, your filter is unclear.
True love is simply experiencing this energy
without the distortions of a muddy filter.
True love is the acceptance of others
without judgment and of course to do this
you need to love and accept yourself first.

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Fear less,
hope more,
eat less,
chew more,
whine less,
breathe more,
talk less,
say more,
love more,
and all good things
will be yours.

Do I love you
because you're beautiful,
or are you beautiful
because I love you?
Am I making believe
I see in you,
a woman too perfect
to be really true?
Do I want you
because you're wonderful,
or are you wonderful
because I want you?
Are you the sweet invention
of a lover's dream,
or are you really as
beautiful as you seem?

True love passes all understandings.
True love Expresses loyalty.
True love hurts but can learn how to mend.
True love dreams the highest dreams.
True love waits until the stars visit the day.
True love seeks good for the other.
True love lends forgiveness.
True love cries but washes away the pains.
True love makes an ignorant boy a mature man.
True love softens the heart of a girl to a nurtured woman.
True love never lies.
True love loves a person until forever.
True love sees love even though the hair is white.
And most of all...
TRUE LOVE never breaks promises,
until the vow has been done.

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Come live with me and be my love,
and we will some
new pleasures prove,
of golden sands,
and crystal beaches,
with silken lines and silver hooks...

Sooner or later we begin to understand that love is
more than verses on valentines and romance in the movies.
We begin to know that love is here and now, real and true,
the most important thing in our lives.
For love is the creator of our favorite memories
and the foundation of our fondest dreams.
Love is a promise that is always kept,
a fortune that can never be
spent, a seed that can flourish in
even the most unlikely of places.
And this radiance that never fades,
this mysterious and magical joy, is the
greatest treasure of all
- one known only by those who love....


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More Quotes About Love Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6