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Love Quotes For Him From The Heart

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You're the reason I love
and the reason I'd die.
You're the reason I smile
yet break down and cry.
You're the reason I keep going
and the reason I fall.
I love you so much and
you don't even care at all.

I may not know everything,
but there's one thing that I know
and am sure of; I love you.

If thou must love me,
let it be for naught except for love's sake only.

Love is the sound our hearts make,
love is the happiness we feel,
love is what makes up do the things we do,
love is what i found when i found you.

When you meet someone special...
you'll know.
Your heart will beat more rapidly
and you'll smile for no reason.

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I don't get many things right the first time.
In fact, I am told that a lot.
Now I know all the wrong turns,
the stumbles, and falls brought me here.
And where was I before the day
I first saw your lovely face?
Now I see it every day and
I know that I am the luckiest...
I love you more than

I have ever found a way to say to you.

Babe, you stole my heart,
so I'm planning revenge.
I'm gonna take your last name.

I wrote your name on a paper
but by an accident,i THROW it away
I wrote your name on my hand but,
I washed it,
the next day...
I wrote your name in the sand but,
the waves washed it away..
I wrote your name in my HEART..
and FOREVER it wiLL stay ..!!

"It's impossible." said pride.
"It's risky." said experience.
"It's pointless." said reason.
"Give it a try." whispered the heart.

Never knew I could feel like this,
like I've never seen the sky before.
Want to vanish inside your kiss
and I love you until the end of time.

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I am thinking of you,
In my sleepless solitude tonight.
If it's wrong to love you,
then my heart just won't let me be right.
'Cause I'm drowned in you,
And I won't pull through,
without you by my side.

I don't want you to know,
so I try to be strong.
I don't want you to think that without you,
I can't go on. But that's how it is,
and that's how it will be,
because, Baby, I love you,
I need you, I miss you,
and without you,
there's just no me.

When we're together
or when we're apart,
you're first in my thoughts
and first in my heart.

I think about you constantly,
whether it's with my mind or my heart.

I may not get to see you as often as I like.
I may not get to hold you
in my arms all through the night.
But deep in my heart I truly know,
you're the one that I love,
and I can't let you go.


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