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Moving On Love Quotes

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What if whats best for "us"
Is whats hardest to do
I still love you but,
I have to let you go

The heart does heal and
you will love like this again...
only when you do,
you will deny you ever felt like this before.

Love is letting go,
even when you dont want to.
Love is letting her be happy
even when it doesnt involve you.
Love is being okay with just being friends
Love is being able to say goodbye
because you know its the best thing for her
Love is letting go

To love you must be willing to let go,
to let go you must be willing to love.

Letting go has never been easy,
but holding on can be as difficult,
for strength is measured not by holding on,
but by letting go.

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Just because people change
and move on with life,
it doesn't mean that they love you any less.

I can't escape the thought of you.
Even in my dreams you are there.
It's not fair how your gone,
and how you're moving on so fast,
while I am still living in the past.

Giving up doesnt mean your letting go,
It means you've decided
to accept it wasnt meant to be

The hardest part about moving forward
is not looking back!

Move on
Its just a chapter in the past
but dont close the book,
just turn the page!

No matter how many times
I try and move on,
my heart always
takes me back here to you.

I can let go,
I can forgive,
I can move on,
but I will never stop loving you

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Letting go, even if it hurts,
doesn't mean you have to let go of everything.
You just have to let go of the person
and your feelings for her/him
but the memories will always be there
whether it's good or bad.
Because everytime you remember those memories,
it will always put a smile into your heart.
And be glad that once in your life this person
made you happy and put colors into your life
even if it's just for a while.

I always wonder
why i can't just forget you
and move on.
Then i realize...
i don't want to

Falling in love is easy,
staying in love is hard,
and letting go is the hardest part

Forgiving isn't Forgetting.
Its just letting go of the hurt.
so forgive more

Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance
you must keep moving.


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