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A loving relationship is one in which
the loved one is free to be himself
- to laugh with me,
but never at me;
to cry with me,
but never because of me;
to love life,
to love himself,
to love being loved.
Such a relationship is based upon freedom
and can never grow in a jealous heart.

The most important thing in a relationship
between a man and a woman is that
one of them be good at taking orders

All at once, you look across a crowded room
for no one in particular, just looking.
Suddenly, you see him, but, oh,
how many times you've seen him before.
So why did your heart just skip a beat?
Your eyes meet by mere coincidence, or is it?
At that moment you both instantly know
that the relationship between the two of you,
will never be the same again.

It is the things in common
that make relationships enjoyable,
but it is the little differences
that make them interesting.

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A relationship is a two way street.
It's never all your fault or the other persons.
You go into the relationship together
and work through it all together.

To My Very Fit Spouse,
I promise I'll go the extra mile
in our relationship if you
will just go the extra foot.
That's all it would take for you
to carry your dirty dishes
from the sink to the dishwasher.

The most important thing in a relationship
between a man and a woman is that
one of them be good at taking orders

Relationships are hard.
It's like a full-time job,
and we should treat it like one.
If your boyfriend or girlfriend
wants to leave you,
they should give you two weeks' notice.
There should be severance pay,
and before they leave you,
they should have to find you a temp.

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There's an expiration date
stamped on my eggs:
'Best if used before
you start looking like your mother.'

Long distance relationships
are like wind to a fire;
it puts out the small ones,
but inflames the big ones

The purity and trueness of love
through an Internet relationship
far passes that of one based on physical contact.

What's a relationship
without a little risk and faith?

A Code of Honor:
Never approach
a friend's girlfriend or wife
with mischief as your goal.
There are just too many
women in the world
to justify that sort of
dishonorable behavior.
Unless she's really attractive.

Man is a knot into which
relationships are tied.


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