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Everything I do,
I do it for you.
Anything that might be special in me…
is you.

Two souls with but a single thought,
two hearts that beat as one.

I would rather be a ghost,
drifting by your side,
as a condemned soul,
than enter heaven without you.
Because of your love,
I will never be a lonely spirit.

Here's my love,
take it.
Here's my soul,
use it.
Here's my heart,
don't break it.
Here's my hand,
hold it
and together
we will make it forever.

Without you,
I have nothing.
But with you,
I have everything.

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A true man does not need
to romance a different girl every night,
a true man romances
the same girl for the rest of her life.

If I said I adored you,
I'd be lying, my dear.
For I more than adore you,
I long for you near.

To know her
was to love her.

Definition of Destiny:
Something that was meant to be
Or is going to be
Example: You and Me

I know I can't be there, Baby,
it's alright,
I'll be waiting for you tonight.
I pray that you'll be there,
when I close my eyes,
meet me in my dreams tonight.

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To be your friend
was all I ever wanted;
to be your lover
was all I ever dreamed.

"So I told him I loved him."
"And what happened?"
"He said he's afraid to love me."
"Why would he say that?"
"He's afraid to lose me."

If I know what love is,
it is because of you.

The moment I looked
in your eyes I fell in love.
Every time I look I fall in love again.
I've looked so many times,
and have gathered so much love.
I have so much to carry with me
I don't know what to do

For better or worse,
till death do us part ..
I'll love you with every
single beat in my heart

I made a wish
and *you* came true.


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