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Sad Love Sayings

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Trying to forget someone you love
is like trying to remember
someone you never met.

I hate you...
and then I love you...
it's like I want to throw you off a cliff....
then rush to the bottom to catch you.

Sadness flies away
on the wings of time.

True love is when you
have to watch a friend leave,
with the knowledge that
you might never see him again.
But you know
he'll be in your mind and heart forever...

It hurts so much to
love you the way I do,
Then look at you and realize
how much you don't even care!

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The hardest part of dreaming
about someone you love is having to wake up.

You justify my existence...
if i have not known you,
I wouldn't have lived,
if I die with out knowing you,
I wouldn't die coz I didn't live at all...

A heart can only take so much pain,
and although it won't shut down,
it will begin to shut out.

If you love me like you told me
Please be careful with my heart.
You can take it just don't break it
Or my world would fall apart!

It’s better to have never felt the
happiness of love than to be tortured
by the pain of it ending.

You smile when your feel like crying...
you act like your okay..
when your really falling apart inside...
and you let it go....
you move on because thres nothing else
you can do or say.

Never be sad for what is over,
just be glad that it was once yours.

There is nothing sadder in this life
than to watch someone you love walk away
after they have left you.
To watch the distance between
your two bodies expand until there is
nothing left but empty space... and silence.

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They said what I didn't know,
couldn't hurt me.
But what I didn't know,
I found out, and it hurt.

The person you would call a sholder to
cry on is the person that mad you cry...
tell me whats worse than that ?

Smiling doesn't always
mean you're happy...
sometimes it simply means
that you are
a S T R O N G person.

The word love...
is so powerfull that once a guy says it
they have total access to a girls heart...
but no matter how many times a girl says it
she cant stop them from leaving with it...

Someone asked if i knew you,
it was sad cause all i could say was,
"I used to."


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More Sad Love Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4