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Love Song Quotes

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You're the reason I believe in love
and you're the answer
to my prayers from up above.
All we need is just the two of us,
my dreams came true because of you
- Shania Twain "From This Moment"

If we hold on together
I know our dreams will never die
Dreams see us through to forever
Where clouds roll by
For you and I
- Diana Ross "If We Hold On"

Love Me For a Reason
Let the reason be love
- Boyzone "Love Me for a Reason"

It's a beautiful night
We're looking for something
dumb to do
Hey baby
I think I wanna marry you
Is it the look in your eyes
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares, baby
I think I wanna marry you
- Bruno Mars "Marry You"

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I promise you
From the bottom of my heart.
I will love you
Til' death do us part.
As a lover and a friend
I will love you like I never love again.
With everything I am.
- Backstreet Boys "I Promise You"

At last,
My love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song...
For you are mine
At last...
- Etta James "At Last"

In my dreams I'll always
see you soar above the sky
And in my heart will
always be a place for you,
For all my life
I'll keep a part of you with me
And everywhere I am there you'll be.
- Faith Hill "There You'll Be"

Old folks sittin' in a front porch swing
Still holdin' hands like they were sixteen
Fifty good years they're a lover's dream
Darlin' that could be you and me
Don't that make you want to fall in love
Don't that look like a picture of us
A match made in heaven if there ever was
Don't that make you want to fall
That just makes me want to give you my heart
Ever forever needs a place to start
Gotta be a sign from up above
Don't that make you want to fall in love
Yeah, yeah.
Don't that make you want to fall in love
- Kenny Chesney "Fall In Love"

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But hold your breath
Because tonight will be the night
That I will fall for you over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I won't live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
You're impossible to find
- Secondhand Serenade "Fall For You"

I've dreamed of this a thousand times before
But in my dreams I couldn't love you more
I will give you my heart
Until the end of time...
You're all I need, my love, my Valentine
- Martina McBride "Valentine"

And there's just no turning back
When your heart's under attack
Gonna give everything I have
It's my destiny
- Justin Bieber "Never Say Never"


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More Love Song Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4