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Young Noah: Dad! God... I stammered!
Frank: Stammered, stuttered...
what's the difference.
You couldn't understand a damn thing he said.
Frank: Anyway, I got him to read some poetry aloud
and pretty soon his stuttering went away.
Young Allie: Well, that's
a good idea that poetry.

Duke: That's my sweetheart in there.
Wherever she is, that's where my home is.

Young Noah: You wanna walk with me.
Fin: What are you guys doing? Get in!
Young Allie: Yeah.
Young Noah: We're gonna walk.
Fin: Do you guys love each other?
[Young Noah snickers]
Fin: Oh I get it, you guys do love each other!
Young Noah: Okay. Goodbye.

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Young Noah: My Dearest Allie.
I couldn't sleep last night because
I know that it's over between us.
I'm not bitter anymore,
because I know that what we had was real.
And if in some distant place in the future
we see each other in our new lives,
I'll smile at you with joy and remember how we
spent the summer beneath the trees,
learning from each other and growing in love.
The best love is the kind that awakens the soul
and makes us reach for more,
that plants a fire in our hearts
and brings peace to our minds,
and that's what you've given me.
That's what I hope to give to you forever.
I love you. I'll be seeing you.

Duke: In time Noah finished the house.
He took a good look at what he had accomplished,
got rip roaring dunk for 10 days,
thought seriously about setting it on fire,
then finally decided to put the house up for sale.

Young Noah: We can just finish
out the summer and see what happens then.
Young Allie: Please don't do this,
you don't mean it.
Oh why wait until the summer ends?
Why don't you do it right now?
Young Allie: Huh? C'mon. Do it! Do it!
Young Allie: You know what? I'm gonna do it!
It's over. Okay? it's over.
Young Noah: Come here.
Young Allie: Don't touch me!
I hate you! I hate you!
Young Noah: OK, I'm going.
Young Allie: Why don't you just go then?
Young Allie: Get out! Leave!
Young Allie: Go!... No, no, just wait a minute,
we're not really breaking up are we?
Come on. This is just a fight we're having and tomorrow
will be like it never happend right?

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Anne: She is out foolin' around
with that boy until two o'clock
in the morning and it has got to stop!
I didn't spend seventeen years of my life
raising a daughter and giving her EVERYTHING,
so she could throw it away on a summer romance!
Young Allie Screaming: DADDY!
Anne: She will wind up with her heart broken or pregnant!
Now he's a nice boy, but he's...
Young Allie: He's WHAT? He is what? Tell me!
Anne: He is trash! Trash! Trash! Not for you!

Anne: 'Cause I might know you a little better than you think.
And I don't want you waking up one morning
thinking if you'd known everything you might have
done something different.

After Noah and Allie kept saying 'You look great.'
Fin: You look great.
Fin: You look great. And I know I look great.


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