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True love is spelled G-I-V-E.
It is not based on what you can get,
but rooted in what
you can give to the other person....

I know that you are not perfect
and nor can I claim to be either,
but please believe me,
when I say that I want to be by your side,
to hold your hand, to treasure you in the morning
and in the noon-tide, to be next to you,
to be held close to your heart now
and for the rest of my living years,
to comfort you, dry your tears and calm
your most frightening fears, to fight your battles
and show no shame to scream my love
for you out loud all over the land

To love is something
I was afraid to do
but there is something different about you.
You made me do something
I swore not to do.
You made me fall in love with you.

Today, see if you can stretch your heart
and expand your love so that it touches
not only those to whom you can give it easily,
but also to those who need it so much.

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An angel asked me
a while ago to give him
one good reason
why I love you so much.
I smiled and said,
“Because there’s no reason not to.”

"It's love," they say.
You touchthe right one and
a whole half of the universe wakes up, a new half.

I have been astonished that men
could die martyrs for their religion
- I have shudder'd at it.
I shudder no more.
I could be martyr'd for my religion
Love is my religion
And I could die for that.
I could die for you.

Love is when you don't have to be
with another person to touch their heart!

I wish I could be your tear drops,
for what more could anyone ask
for then to be conceived in your heart,
born in your eyes, live on your
cheeks, and die on your lips

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When you have nothing but love
then for the first time
you become aware that love is enough.

We may not be lovers kissing each other,
holding hands, exchanging I love you’s.
I may not be your girl
but one thing’s for sure,
that when I find someone like you,
I’ll marry him.

You give me something no one else can,
a reason to live.

Let the world fall into pieces tomorrow,
let the planets collide
and the stars come tumbling down.
I don’t need another day
now that my dream has come true.
Lucky me, now I have you.

If you ask me how much I love you,
I won’t say anything.
I’ll just take your hand,
fill the gaps between your fingers
and hold on to you
until all your doubts are gone.

If I know what love is,
it is because of you.


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More Touching Quotes Page 1 | 2