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Valentines Quotes

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I think Valentine's day
is more of a woman's holiday.
Women have more expectations.

Basically, no matter who you are,
Valentine's Day will give you
something to be stressed about.

I had nothing to do with
the date of the transplant.
My doctor told me that most people
get hearts on Valentine's Day,
but I'm getting a kidney.
I told him I'd gladly take the kidney.

Because it's Valentine's Day,
I've attached pictures of my
wife and children to my boots,
so with every step, I will have a pleasant
thought of my wife and children.
They are facing uphill,
so it reminds me that they support me.

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I told my girlfriend that
all I want for Valentine's Day
is a hug and kiss and
an 'I love you' and I'm happy.

I feel bad for people
who die on Valentine's Day.
How much would flowers cost then,
ten grand?

The deeper message is how marriage and love
can transform a person and overcome anything.
So it couldn't be more perfect for Valentine's Day.

It's true that it doesn't make sense straight
off the bat that someone would shop
for a Valentine's Day gift at Home Depot.
But we do see a high volume of traffic
just before the holiday.

Valentines Day is a masochistic holiday.
If you're in a relationship,
then this is the one day you're
supposed to say 'I love you',
and send gifts to ensure that
it means more than
the other 364 days of the year;
and if you're single, you feel miserable

Valentines day,
you mean single persons awareness day?

Local restaurants are
swamped on Valentine's Day.
It's not very romantic to stand in line.
For me the most romantic thing
is not the meal or the expense
but spending time with the person
you want to celebrate the day with.

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Love is not always in the air
on Valentine's Day,
especially by spending time
in family law court.

Valentine's day,
why not celebrate it?
It's the only day of the year
the world remembers to love.
The rest of the year
it's too busy hating.

Oh, innocent victims of Cupid,
Remember this terse little verse;
To let a fool kiss you is stupid,
To let a kiss fool you is worse

You are mine is equal to valentine

There's something about Valentine's Day
that really turns me on...


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