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To love only for the looks
is to only see with your eyes,
but to love with your soul
is to see with your heart....

For few love can last a lifetime,
but for many not knowing when
to let go can hold them back forever.

Those whom true love has held,
it will go on holding.

You love to hate the one
who loves the one you hate to love..

Life is Love.
If you miss love,
you miss life.

Love creates an us
without destroying a me.

Don't hold to anger,
hurt or pain.
They steal your energy
and keep you from love.

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Be true to love,
and love will be true to you.

Love is great when
you find someone to give it to.

Love reminds you
that nothing else matters.

Love is not measured
by the breaths we take,
but by the moments
that take our breath away

Love today,
so you will never have
empty yesterdays

Love is 3/4 dream and 1/4 reality.
Problems usually arise
when you fall in love with the dream
and not the reality.
But, yet you find true love
when you fall in love with both.

Love is more than a feeling;
it's a state of mind.

When you fish for love,
bait with your heart,
not your brain

We are all born for love.
It is the principle of existence, and its only end.

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Harmony is pure love,
for love is complete agreement.

Love is a precious gift
that people try to hold onto
until the end of time,
even when there is nothing left to hold.

He who marries for love without money
has good nights and sorry days.

The hunger for love is much more difficult
to remove than the hunger for bread.

Love is friendship with commitment.

Life is to be fortified by many friendships.
To love and to be loved is the
greatest happiness of existence.

While every human being has a capacity for love,
its realization is one of the most difficult achievements

Live for love.
Without love, you don't live.


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